The ZERO PATROL Basic 'The Last of Us' Online Guide

Been playing a fair bit of The Last of Us online lately, and its pretty fun and tactical affair. But it can take a while to get to grips of it, I think nowadays players don't give themselves enough time to learn something new and we end up with loads of Call of Duty clones. ...READ MORE

Posted on 22nd July 2013

'H-Hour: World's Elite' Kickstarter

SOCOM fans probably sound like broken records nowadays, we just want SOCOM II HD. After countless SONY botched sequels and the death of Zipper Interactive, the creative director behind those two first SOCOM PlayStation 2 titles, has decided to form a new studio and release H-Hour: World's Elite. I gotta say the title isn't great, but the thinking behind it sounds great. Whilst they are at pains to suggest they are not making SOCOM II HD, they are making a 'spirtual successor' to those first two SOCOM titles, and errase were SOCOM 3 went so badly wrong. ...READ MORE

Posted on 31st June 2013

Launching our new Website!

Welcome to another new ZERO PATROL website! ...READ MORE

Posted on 31st June 2013